Monday, January 21, 2008

From the Peanut Gallery

Melissa's latest line whenever she gets a minor injury is to announce in plaintive tones, "I need to go see the doctor." or "I need to go to the hospital." She says this in such a mournful way, while sadly shaking her head. Injuries such as stubbed toes, little scratches, and bumped heads all require professional medical attention according to Melissa. Fortunately she will accept a kiss and a bandage instead. I'm guessing that this notion comes from the time Matthew gashed his toe open and needed stitches. She hasn't needed to see a doctor since the unfortunate Plant Incident (in July). Silly girl!

Matthew's Sunday school class still does not have a permanent teacher, so they have had a series of substitutes. Yesterday he told me that his eighteen year-old teacher was a grownup kid. "How so?" I asked. "Well, she's big like a grownup, but she doesn't have kids yet, so she's a grownup kid!"

A few weeks ago we visited some friends of ours for dinner. Melissa declared, "I want eggs! I want eggs!" over and over. What? We were scratching our heads until Jonathan figured out that she must have remembered that they went egg hunting there at Easter time. That was 8 months ago! What a memory that kid has!

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