Sunday, January 27, 2008


  • Bedtime is 8:00, or 7:30 if Mommy and Daddy are already tired. Melissa turns the light back on after being put down and plays until 10:00 or later. We are sort of okay with that (the exception is when she does not take a nap and is cranky all day); it appears that she just needs less sleep than Matthew. The funny part is that when she is ready to go to sleep she will turn off the light and get in bed. When Matthew stays up partying he goes until he drops, and we'll find him on the floor with the light still on.
  • Today we got to church late and the sacrament was already being passed, so we waited in the foyer, periodically reminding the kids (well, Melissa) to be quiet. Melissa must have thought it was a really long, really boring prayer. She got off my lap and urged me to "You wake [get] up now!" Not yet, I told her. A minute later she got up again and declared "Amen! You wake up now!"

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