Sunday, May 13, 2007


For someone so small, Melissa has strong opinions on her clothing. I have to coax and cajole her into wearing something appropriate to the weather and occasion.

"No dear, we don't wear swimming suits to the grocery store," for example.

Every morning we go through this-

"How about this shirt?" NO!

"Oh look! This one is a pretty one!" NO!

At some point we'll either settle on a shirt, or run out of options, and I will have to wrestle her into rejected attire.

Just yesterday we passed a teen clothing shop in the mall. The shirts on display were loaded with rhinestones and glitter. "Preetty!" "OOohh, Preeetty, pretty!!!" Melissa toddled into the store in awe. Much to her disappointment I had to tear her away without purchasing a gaudy, strappy number.

Is this just foreshadowing the future?

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