Monday, May 14, 2007

A pleasant surprise

Rachel's sister got me a RC corvette for Christmas. The kids, of course, immediately claimed it as theirs, and shortly thereafter it stopped working. The battery still had a charge, and so did the controller. It just didn't work anymore.

Sadly, I consigned it to my office, AKA my room of half-finished projects, AKA the room my wife swore never to enter let alone clean, AKA the room she is cleaning at this moment. (Something about a cluttered room just gets under her skin like you wouldn't believe. Unless you are married, in which case you probably understand perfectly.)

Anyway, while she was cleaning, Melissa got in, and saw the vette. "Car!" she exclaimed. I picked it and the controller up so she wouldn't break it. Sure, it was already broken, but Dad habits die hard. I noticed for the first time that the controller had a channel selector, and it was on 4. Could this be the source of the problem? Sure enough, the car was on channel 1.

I think I've mentioned before that Rachel is the mechanically inclined one of the family.

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