Saturday, April 21, 2007

The wiggles

(No, not the Australian entertainers, although Matthew likes them too.)

When Matthew's bladder gets full, he has even more trouble holding still than usual. Instead of standing he practically dances. But sometimes he won't want to interrupt whatever he is doing with going to the bathroom, so his mom or I will have to remind him.

"But I don't need go pee!"

"You've got wiggles, Matthew! I can see that you need to go!"

And then he will go.

A couple weeks ago I took the kids to the Kneader's drive-through to pick up dinner. Kneader's is Rachel's favorite sandwich place, and in the running for her favorite restaurant period. But they are also perhaps the slowest drive-through in Salt Lake Valley.

Shortly after placing our order, Matthew announced, "I need go pee!" "Patience," I advised. "We'll just pick up the food, then go home, and you can pee." A couple minutes passed. Matthew squirmed. "I GOT WIGGLES!" A few more minutes. Some grunting and much more squirming. Frustrated, he finally yelled, "STUPID PENIS!"

I gave up on the drive through and pulled into a parking spot, then took Matthew inside to pee. We picked up our drive-through order on the inside that night.

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