Monday, April 16, 2007

Ronald McDonald House and Breastfeeding

I ordinarily don't posts links to other sites...and I like to keep this blog primarily about M&M, but this really raised my dander.

Apparently the Ronald McDonald House asked the mother of an ill toddler (recovering from a brain tumor) to not breastfeed in any communal areas or to leave the house. Why? Because there are people of many "cultures" there who may be offended by a nursing mother and baby. Bottlefeeding is perfectly fine though. So this poor mother of twin babies is required to trek 3 flights of stairs to her room everytime her ill baby needs to nurse. A sick babe nurses alot, like a newborn. The whole situation is simply outrageous. A sick baby in particular needs the antibodies passed through breastmilk. I am also curious which cultures forbid breastfeeding. Even the Saudi women who are covered head to toe think nothing of nursing in public. I have seen pictures of a black clad figure with a bare breast and babe attached whilst in public. I might add that I've seen many nursing American mothers with little to nothing showing at all. Got me thinking about all the places I've nursed my babies. Never have I been asked to leave.

(I discreetly nurse and rarely has anyone been the wiser. Can't even recall the number of times someone has asked have a closer look at the baby, unaware that the baby was eating!)

*edited to add: discreet does not mean a big 'ol blanket draped from neck to waist. I tried that a few times with my first and not only does it advertise exactly what you are doing, but he'd constantly pull the blanket off! Complete opposite of discreet.

Places I have nursed:

On an airplane
at church
at the park
the zoo
the bookstore
many resturants
the grocery store (slings are wonderful- can push a shopping cart and feed baby at the same time!)
the library
doctor's office
on a tram
while watching a parade
on a hike in the mountains
while cooking
at the movies
during a concert
at an orchard
in the city
in the country
various museums
and on....

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