Sunday, April 01, 2007

Marshmallow warfare

Today we had the Cassler clan over to listen to conference. Matthew was dancing with excitment ever since he heard that they would be coming. He grew most impatient when they didn't arrive first thing in the morning. "I'm having a hard day. I tired of waiting!!!" When they did arrive he whopped with delight. "THEY'RE HERE!!!" The Casslers have 4 boys and beautiful Eve. So it was a fun filled (busy) morning.

We had crepes for breakfast, and after conference the boys assembled marshmallow guns. Earlier I cut the pvc pipe and put the connecting joints into bags so each boy had a kit. The boys had a grand time with them. What a great cheap toy! Mostly they tried to see how far they could shoot. However there were a few friendly skirmishes and some snipper shooting. Since the war took place outside, I didn't have to clean any sticky marshmallow ammo. Good times!

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