Sunday, March 25, 2007

Uncle Ellis's Birthday

Ellis invited us to his birthday party tonight, kids and all. And what a good time was had!

Ellis collects Nerf guns like I collect video games. He has an impressive variety, including several semi-automatics and one fully automatic. He and his brother Jon and Matthew shot at each other for at least half an hour, with much four-year-old dancing and giggling and screaming with glee. They would shoot at each other, reconvene to sort out the ammo (Nerf guns apparently aren't quite standardized, unfortunately), then blast away some more. Ellis's sister Becky and Jon's wife Deborah were mostly-innocent bystanders. Matthew was not above using them as human shields, but they accepted that with good grace.

After that, Ellis took Matthew and Melissa outside and convinced Matthew to run from one end of the yard to the other, over and over, while Ellis timed him. ("You're slowing down, Matthew! I think you must be getting tired!")

Everyone was impressed by Matthew's energy. And everyone thought Melissa's burgeoning vocabulary was just adorable. ("I [my] turn! I turn!")

We also got a couple rounds of Baby Ball and Bigboy Ball in. Melissa was delighted, but just a little scared I think. Matthew was just delighted.

Then we had cake and ice cream and the unwrapping of presents. (Merrie gave Ellis another Nerf gun, among others.)

When we got home, Matthew fell asleep as quickly as I can remember. I think for once he was well and truly tired.

P.S. Jon hadn't read Grant's holiday letter for 06 and declared it the funniest thing he had ever read.
P.P.S. Grant, there are clerkships in Utah too...

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