Saturday, March 17, 2007

Hit and miss

I picked up a Looney Tunes collection to bribe the kids to leave Daddy alone in the morning. Unfortunately they do not really share the same taste in TV right now. Matthew loves the Looney Tunes but Melissa gets bored after a couple clips. Melissa loves the Wind In The Willows cartoon but Matthew is uninterested. Bleh.

Interestingly, Matthew can also be entertained watching me play Jade Empire. (Jade Empire is kind of "BioWare lite." Less complicated in pretty much every dimension than their earlier RPGs, presumably to appeal to a wider audience. Unfortunately I find it less engrossing as well, but even BioWare Lite is better than most studio's best fare.) Alas, while most of Jade Empire would be fine with a Teen rating, occasionally you see things that earned it the Mature designation, like the graphic blood fountain when one bad guy got beheaded in a cutscene.

Maybe I'll take up FFXII while waiting for Mass Effect. (Curse BioWare for making me buy Microsoft's consoles, anyway. Last generation it was KotOR, and now Mass Effect.)

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