Saturday, December 02, 2006

Where's Matthew?

When Daddy comes home it's time for play! One of M&M's favorite games involves one child ridding on Daddy's back horsey style, and another being chased. Incidentally, I remember playing this game with my Dad when I was little. I think daddies instinctively know the fun games.

Jonathan had already tossed the kids in the air (Matthew counts to 10 for 10 tosses and Melissa mimics Matthew. She can't count, but she calls out "one... one... one...") and he'd just settled on the floor to read the paper. He'd hoped to get a few minutes of rest after a long day at work. Ha! Melissa toddles over, clambers up on Jonathan's back and calls out "Wher Ma'shoo!" (where's Matthew?) This is the rallying cry of the game. Jonathan chases one child while saying "Where's Matthew or Where's Melissa?" To further get her point across, Melissa bounced up and down on Daddy's back repeating, "Wher Ma'shoo!". Giddyup Daddy! And Daddy couldn't resist. Daddy chased and tickled kids. Then he tossed them on the bed where it was mutually agreed upon to have a pillow war. Aren't dads great!


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