Thursday, August 06, 2015

May Peanuts

  • OH: "I'm having a good laugh thinking of Jonathan in Sales. Putting the cold in cold calling."
  • Rachel: 'Why are you in your swimming suit?" Corinna: "'Cause I can't find my 'jammies. But I can find my swimming suit!"
  • I'm pretty allergic to fire ants and got stung several times doing bear crawls with David in the park yesterday. Looking up treatment. Lots of advice on "don't go near fire ants if you're allergic." Thanks, Captain Obvious. (Ended up going to the doctor the next day. He said the swelling on my wrist was probably a spider bite and gave me cephalexin.)
  • Four months ago, I got a new guitar. Corinna came with me to the store and the bright pink guitar on the wall stole her heart. I told her she wasn't big enough for a guitar yet. Today she came over to me. "Papa, regarde!" She demonstrated how she could buckle the toddler leash on herself AND unbuckle it. "I bigger! I have pink guitar now?"
  • Tommy (14 months) understands "put this in the trash can." But he has only about a 20% chance of remembering what he's supposed to do by the time he gets there. (Rachel adds, "Sometimes he likes to make withdrawals from the trashcan instead of deposits.")
  • Matthew (12) has his first zit.
  • It is 4:30. Isaac is practicing the violin. Matthew is practicing the French horn. This would have been a good day to commute to the office.
  • Rachel and I saw They Might Be Giants with Joshua and Jeni Slack.  Fun show.
  • Me: "Your new washing machine is nice, but maybe we should get a smaller model. We can't close the door to the laundry room anymore." Rachel: "If you think about it, the problem isn't that the machine is too big. The problem is the room is too small."
  • "Jonathan, we just added a movie you might like: Tinker Bell and the Legend of the NeverBeast." Looks like it's time for another talk with the kids about logging in to the right Netflix account.
  • Had a floor-spinningly good workout with David today. 240 lb "farmer carries" followed by sprinting and battle ropes. Been a while since I felt that out of shape. Bonus: Christine was showing me up too. Nothing like panting on the floor while your little sister does recline rows and pull ups.
  • I'm not sure what they were fighting about, but I called Melissa to the kitchen to unload the dishes and now she is humming through gritted teeth, "Matthew is a carrot. Matthew is a carrot. Matthew ... "
  • It's hard to find the right words to describe how epic Monday's workout was. Let me put it this way. I've gone 38 years more or less oblivious to whatever muscles control your ankles. I did my job, they did theirs, and that was that. Today, my ankle muscles are sore. They would have felt left out otherwise, because everything else is too.
  • Corinna: "I want two babies. A pink one, and a black one."

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