Thursday, January 29, 2015

November peanuts

  • After doing five bodyweight pullups Thursday, David declared me ready to add extra weight. I did two at +25 lb. Meanwhile David was doing +125.
  • Tommy was bored. I sat him at the table with some Cheerios. He ate a couple cheerios but started straining at his seat belt, trying to get out. I gave him some avocado. He accepted it but wasn't really interested. Still wanted out. I bit off a corner of my Doritos chip and gave it to him. That got his attention. He stayed there for another ten minutes eating Doritos with me.
  • [Nov 13] Isaac is going through multiple catalogs we got in the mail, circling things he wants for Christmas. Old school. Six year old anticipation is cute.
  • Rachel, watching Matthew steer a Warthog over his AI teammate: "If you want me to play with you, I'm driving."
  • Rachel: "Do you want to come watch Matthew's concert?" Melissa: "How long is it?" "About an hour and a half." "No, thanks. You can send me pictures."
  • At the Austin Symphony, box seats in the mezzanine. Matthew: "I feel like the old guys in the Muppet Show."
  • Filling out legal forms tonight. Rachel: "You should tell Matthew that even though you've been out of school for years, you still get homework." There's a happy thought!
  • Rachel, on Dominion: "I won, but I didn't enjoy it."
  • [Nov 28] I like the day after Thanksgiving even better, because Rachel doesn't make me wait to eat pie until after dinner. Apple, pecan, banana cream, and peach so far. Working up an appetite for pumpkin next.

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