Monday, December 22, 2014

The Black Keys

I have a poor track record with Rachel and rock concerts. One rained out, another she got sick, and a third was delayed until we gave up and went home.

Friday tried to keep the streak alive, with our baby sitter cancelling at the last minute. Christine and Telitha (in town for a few days) were already planning on ju jitsu with David. I called around and found the Sorensen boys, teenagers who have sat our kids before and make a good team.

Parking is dicey at UT at the best of times, and with key roads closed for construction on the medical center, we decided to take a cab via Uber instead. It dropped us off a block away where the traffic started to get heavy, and we arrived in plenty of time.

Rachel and I agreed that the opener was forgettable, but we both enjoyed the Black Keys a great deal. I think Rachel got as much of a kick from me singing along as from the actual show, but I'll take it.

Photo via someone else with a much better camera.

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