Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Christine's car, stage 1

(Photos taken 2014-10-13.)

Christine decided to do the body work on her car herself rather than buy a new one. First step: getting a door from a junked Buick Century.

The junkyard manager stared for a minute when she came in. Finally he explained, "We don't see a lot of women in here."  She totally *should* have replied that she was a mechanical engineer. No big deal.

David is legitimately good at fixing things now. He got the broken door off Christine's Buick, and the new one on just as Matthew and I arrived to work out.  (He also "did a lot of squats in the trunk" to push out the rear as much as possible.)

Christine closed the door... and it rattled. Her face fell. David: "Don't worry! I know what the problem is." He had Matthew and me push the door up as hard as we could, partially lifting the car up. He loosened something and tightened something else, and when he was done the door closed with a satisfying thunk.

Next step: making a 3-d model of the right side of the car, to guide the Bondo work on the left.

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