Friday, March 14, 2014

More pictures from Christmas...

Okay, it is March now, I'm a bit behind.

Jonathan and Matthew picked out a beautiful 7 foot tree to decorate for Christmas.  Unfortunately Bubbles got sick the evening we planned to trim the tree so she curled up on Daddies lap in the rocking chair while the big kids went to town.  Poor Bubbles!

 Isaac liked putting all of the same kind of ornament in the same place, much to the chagrin of his older siblings!

I cannot believe how much my Savage Peanut is growing.  This is our 12th Christmas with him and he is rapidly catching up to my size.  His feet are nearly as big as mine!

 Melissa loved going through the decorations and finding the ones she'd made and the ones we'd given her.

Our tree may not win any awards with the paper, popsicle stick, and foam ornaments, but it is loaded with memories.

In December Uncle Chris, Uncle Brian, and Aunt Kirsti came to visit.  We were feeling very rich in family!

Here they are on a Castle Crashers crusade.  Isaac introduced them to that goofy game and they were hooked.

Uncle Chris and Jonathan took Matthew to the gun range while he was staying with us.  Matthew thought that was very cool.  Melissa was sad to miss it, but she will be old enough to go next year.

While Uncle Chris was with us he painted the dark blue backgrounds in the recessed parts of the walls white.  He started after the kids went to bed and stayed up late in the night to finish.  It's bothered me since we moved into the house, but I lacked the motivation to do something about it.  Thanks a bunch Chris!  

Chris left early to go back to Washington to be with grandma and grandpa for Christmas.  "It just wouldn't be Christmas without me at home!"  We were all sad to see him go.  Fortunately Uncle Brian and Aunt Kirsti stayed for a bit longer.

While they were with us, we went on a drive to see the Christmas lights.  The line to drive through was incredibly long.  Fortunately the line of cars wrapped around a set of port-a-potties to which the kids all availed themselves, even the ones that didn't have to "go" the first time.  

As per tradition we sugared up and made gingerbread and graham cracker houses.  Isaac naturally wanted to be right next to Aunt Kirsti.  He's really missed her!

Bubbles was more interested in eating candy than making houses.  It was a great night for her!

Mmm.  Sticky!

 Matthew made a multi-level building.

While Uncle Brian made a Christmas trailer house, complete with little colored lights strung on the roof and a miniature car on blocks. 

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