Friday, February 04, 2011


Last night we had an ice storm followed by a quarter inch of snow. Snow! In San Antonio? I got an automated call at 6:30 saying the schools were closed due to the weather. All of the freeways were shut down as well. They do NOT know how to drive in winter weather here, so just as well.

Matthew and Melissa were delighted. The first thing they wanted to do when they got up was go play in the "snow." I made them eat breakfast and get dressed first. Just before 8 AM a whole gang of kids came pounding on our door wanting to know if Matthew and Melissa wanted to play. Oh yes they did!

Matthew sledding down the driveway:

It was pretty icy so he had a nice slick ride.

The kids had a "snowball" fight, found lots of big icicles, and each made snowball to save in the freezer. Periodically they came in to change mittens before going outside again.

The snow all melted by mid-afternoon, but they had a ball while it lasted.

And to think it was 80 degrees on Monday...

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