Monday, February 28, 2011

Matthew the Teacher

Matthew really likes origami, so much so that he volunteered to give a lesson to his cub scout pack. He was very excited for weeks in advance, and spent several hours planning his lesson and examples.

That night, he was ready.

When he came home I asked how it went. "It was great mom!" And that was about all he said. I received a call later from his scout master who was very, very impressed by how well he did. We were told that he was very well prepared. That he had 40 minutes and he filled the whole time with 2 projects, had his finished samples displayed, helped the boys who needed assistance, redirected those that got distracted, and was very patient. Apparently all the boys had a good time and each completed a folding eight point ninja star and a rabbit.

The primary president called Matthew a natural teacher. He certainly has had plenty of practice trying to teach his sister things; with varying amounts of patience and mixed results, I might add.

This took place back in January, but I was reminded of it during the Cub Scout Blue and Gold banquet recently where he received recognition for his lesson. Good job, son!


jeremy said...

Way to go Matthew!

Suzanne said...

I'm very impressed. It's not an easy thing to teach your peers (especially when your peers happen to be Cub Scouts--I've been a Cub Scout leader and I don't know if I ever kept their attention for 40 minutes). Well done!