Sunday, July 01, 2007

That's not cake

Rachel roasted a fantastic chicken for dinner tonight. After chicken and potatoes and salad and watermelon, Melissa was a mess. Seemed like a good night to have dessert in the tub, so Rachel bundled them off while I dished up the chocolate cake, which I then duly delivered.

I retired to the living room, but was quickly summoned back by Rachel yelling something. I hurried to the tub and saw the kids out of the tub and chunks of brown floating in the tub.

"That's not cake," Rachel said. "Why don't you take the kids for a shower?"

So I did, while she cleaned the tub.

Sometimes I think Matthew was a tougher baby than his sister. All the same, Melissa is now 3 months older than Matthew was when we decided to have another.

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Butterfly said...

Hey, sounds like a 'crappy' night. hee hee, it brings back such lovely memories of the last cousin dinner... :)