Sunday, September 03, 2006

Bedtime redux

Since I wrote last time, Melissa has had to howl herself to sleep twice after exhausting both her parents' patience, but we haven't yet institutionalized Thou Shalt Go To Sleep By Thyself.

Night-time sleep is still a mixed bag. Some nights she only rouses a little to make sure I am still there and goes right back to sleep. Other nights she kicks and squirms and makes it impossible for me to sleep for an hour or more.

Matthew sleeps fine, of course, once he finally lies still in his bed long enough for gravity and sleep to overcome his natural tendency to remain in motion. But I do have a Matthew story: a couple weekends ago, I took an afternoon nap and invited Matthew to nap in the guest bed with me, under the theory that maybe the novelty would get him to settle down faster. It did, and a good nap was had by all.

But that night when Rachel went to check on him after his bedtime, he was not in his room. He'd moved to the guest bed! Rachel evicted him, but let him keep the blanket from the guest bed that he envied.

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