Sunday, September 03, 2006

As the peanut turns

Bouncing on the trampoline with Matthew and Melissa today brought back memories. After all, it was the same trampoline that Matthew and I bounced on together over two years ago when we first moved here. Matthew was the age Melissa is now, and Melissa wasn't even a name on her mother's baby list yet.

I sent Matthew off to run around the house before rejoining us. Melissa took a few steps, but much faster than I thought possible Matthew was back, climbing back up the trampoline.

Matthew was a lot more sure of himself physically at this age than his sister is. A little too sure, really; he fell down a lot more, but usually picked himself up again cheerfully. This fearlessness extended to the trampoline, where he'd try to jump himself, or just crawl around and encourage me to bounce him around. Now he's this (almost) four year old with the proportions of a boy, not a baby, bouncing ME around with Melissa on my lap. Melissa took a few tentative steps away from me but her brother's jumping kept her coming back to sit with me. Not for her being bounced around like a ball by someone larger.

Funny, the similarities and differences. Melissa also enjoys me chasing her, but she doesn't like being tickled or tossed about as much when I catch her.

They're both at fun ages right now. Matthew is communicating more and more (really, it's getting him to stop communicating everything he thinks that's the trick, sometimes), and Melissa is just starting developing that ability. They are both good-natured kids. It's a good time to be Dad.

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