Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Savage Uncle

Last night Matthew got out his action figure Batman and decided to play with it. When I say "play with it", I mean run at his Uncle David and jam Batman's pointy bat-ears into my chest. The first time this occured, the singularity of the event amused me. The second time it happened, I grabbed the figurine out of his clutches, pretended to bite Batman's head off, and then threw the figure a few feet away.
Mathew, who had been laughing the whole time I pretended to attack Batman, became mortified and ran off whaling when I tossed his toy.
I went back to writing my email and ignored the upset Savage Peanut. Family home evening soon started up and I brought my dinner into the family room. I sat down and commenced enjoying the savoury wedding leftovers. Matthew had his own plans for my dinner and and ran at my head superman style with Batman's pointy ears. I was not amused. He nearly made me spill my food on the rug.
I took Batman and sat on him. Mathhew in a panick quickly said he was sorry. I knew he was just working the system and told him that was not good enough. He ran off to Momma crying. Luckliy, Uncle Nolan gave a great family home evening lesson which heavily involved Matthew and his little helping hands.
At the end Matthew gave the closing prayer. He then gave everyone a kiss goodnight. I gave him his toy back then and told him I loved him.

Last night's events have not been entirely forgotten by Savage Peanut. This morning while I was sitting down in the kitchen, he came up to me, smiled, and then gave me a couple of light punches to the side. He was testing Savage Uncle. I knew it, and he could tell.

-Uncle David

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