Sunday, August 06, 2006

Melissa update

A couple months ago, we tried to teach Melissa "baby sign language." She didn't show any interest after several weeks, so we pretty much lost interest too, with the exception that Rachel continued to demonstrate an opening-and-closing-fist motion for "milk."

Just recently, Melissa finally started using this sign. But she uses it for "I want." She'll come up when you're trying to fix lunch and start reaching for the things on the counter, opening-and-closing, adding "Ba, ba, ba" for emphasis.

Melissa's also reached the "I want to be like Dad" stage. Last night, Rachel tried to feed Melissa some of her excellent potato soup. Melissa would have none of it, shaking her head vigorously and pushing the spoon away. But when I sat down and started eating my soup, she came over and ate mine with relish.

She even drank her cough syrup without complaining after she saw me drink some... but that only worked once.

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DrAcO said...

It has been a wonderfull thing ever since I first joined the ranks of Carnage Blender 2. It has become so much better now that I can read about you and your family on your blog. Thanks so much for everything you do for us Jon. Wish you and your family Good Tidings.