Monday, November 03, 2014

Daylight savings

Yesterday we finally went off daylight savings.  (After a month of kids walking to the bus stop in the dark.  Thanks, Congress!)  For the first time ever, I didn't bother setting the clocks on the wall and the oven and the microwave.  Our phones and computers updated themselves so no hurry, right?

This morning, Tommy woke up a few minutes before six.  He was poopy and peed through his diaper.  While I was wrestling a new onesie on him and Rachel was fastening the new diaper around his butt, we heard the front door open and close.  I ran upstairs and Melissa's bed was empty.  She must have woken up, saw the time on the wall, and figured she was about to miss her bus.

I got dressed and picked her up from the bus stop.  She was glad to hear she had time to eat breakfast and brush her hair after all.

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