Thursday, December 26, 2013

Isaac is Five!

But not a bit older, mind you.  He has decided that he wants to be five forever.  Six is completely out of the question.  I admit, it is a golden age and I almost wish I could keep him five.  We sure love our Pumpkin boy!

His birthday was on 08/08/08, a great day to be born.

Even though it was back in August I can't resist posting a few pictures.

I think his favorite gifts this year were the legos that Grandma Linda sent him and the growing zombie given to him by Aunt Christine.  He is a huge fan of the game Plants vs. Zombies.  The shirt he picked out for the day says, "I'm 4...and whatever it is, I didn't do it!"  For the longest time he didn't want to turn five.  He liked being 4 and saw no need to get any older.  Even the promise of cake and presents wouldn't change his mind.  Finally he grudgingly accepted being 5, but NO older. 

As per tradition, he requested another Pingu the penguin cake.  I aim to please.

He really is a delight!  It is fun to watch him figure new things out, play, and just relish life.  

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