Saturday, April 14, 2012

Miss No

IMAG0932 by jbellis
IMAG0932, a photo by jbellis on Flickr.

Monday Melissa was in one of her moods before school. "Melissa, it's time to get dressed." "No!"

Rachel and I decided that if she pulls this stunt again, we won't cajole or coerce her; we'll just deliver her to her school in whatever state she is pleased to present herself.

(We did this with Matthew once, in preschool. Once. That was all it took.)


Anonymous said...


Renee said...

not a fan of the "nos" good luck and may she get dressed before school! lol

Adrasteia said...

That is a fabulous teaching technique. Get dressed or go in your underwear! I love it.

Rachel Ellis said...

Worked quite well with Matthew. I wrapped him in a blanket, gave him a bag of clothes, and kissed him goodbye. To top it off, the preschool lesson that day was on good and bad choices. Matthew unwittingly became the object lesson. It was just the icing on the cake.

When I tell him to get ready because we are leaving, he believes us!