Thursday, January 12, 2012

Sitting Pretty


This is Bubbles on the 8th of January. She'd just learned how to roll to her side, prop herself up on an elbow and then push to a sitting position. She was so pleased with herself!


A few days later and already more stable.


And a closer look.  TEETH!  She has 'em!  Her two bottom teeth sprouted last month.  I can testify that they are sharp lil' suckers.

Tasting some bananas. 
The verdict? Great toy...but not great food. 


We are trying to get her accustomed to taking an occasional bottle. She prefers to hold the bottle, thank you very much! It is a messy way to eat/play. 


Sitting up has opened new avenues of play, such as taking all of the legos out of the box and tossing them to the floor. She did this tonight- three times!

Corinna is on the cusp of crawling. She gets up on her hands and knees and rocks back and forth. Then she tries to propel herself forward and does a belly flop instead. Her knees slip underneath her due to the slick floor. Unfortunately(?) we do not have any carpet in the house for her to gain some traction. Instead she maneuvers around the house by rolling from room to room. Still she is determined and it won't be much longer... 


Every night she bounces to sleep with her dad. Jonathan sits on the exercise ball, cradles her in his arms, and bounces up and down while she sucks on her pacifier. A few nights ago she took the pacifier out of her mouth and tried to put it in her Dad's mouth. He called me over to check it out and I was skeptical, but as soon as Jonathan put the pacifier in Corinna's mouth, she grabbed it and tried to put it in his mouth again! Regrettably, as soon as I got the camera out she was more interested in that than the pacifier game.


Renee said...

she is so beautiful!

Our little family said...

Oh she is so cute! I think she looks more like Matthew than the other two. And it looks like her hair is going to be straight! Didn't Melissa and Isaac have curls by this age? She is so beautiful! I wish you could come visit!

Rachel Ellis said...

Thanks! We think she's pretty cute too. :) My other 3 were still bald at this it may be too early to tell. When it is humid it does curl a bit. We'll see. I think her hair will be wavy.

I sure miss you both in Utah. Maybe someday we will go back to visit.