Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Trip to CA

Thursday, January 6th, I flew out to California to see a dear friend, Toni, from my freshman year in college get married. All three kids stayed behind with daddy for a fun weekend of fast food and hamburgers.

Kim, another friend from college, and I met up in the Oakland airport and drove over to Beth's house. Beth graciously hosted us and 4 other girlfriends of Toni's in her condo. It was a bit like being back in the girl's dorms or perhaps a grownup slumber party, a bit crowded, but very fun.

That night the four of us drove up to a small town called Brentwood where Toni lived, and we tried out a little Vietnamese place. It was delicious, and so fun to see my old girlfriends and catch up on the news.

Saturday we met up with some more of Toni's friends who'd flown in from around the country. We took the day to play in downtown San Francisco. I was unprepared by how cold the bay is in January. The fog was thick and wet and the temperatures in the upper 30s with a brisk breeze. Brr! Fortunately Beth lent me her heavy jacket and gloves which I wore over my lighter jacket and long sleeve shirt. Another of Toni's local friends lent me her spare hat. It seemed appropriate to take the bride on a trip to Alcatraz the day before her wedding, so the nine of us did.

(Pictures were taken with my little point & shoot- I didn't take the nicer camera with me this trip.)

The dock and building 64 (family apartments for staff and guards)

The blushing bride
(Or perhaps it is the cold- hard to tell.) :)

Touring the penitentiary

Toni, Kim, and Emily (whom I had the pleasure of meeting that day)

A view of San Francisco, such as it was on a foggy damp day:
(It was too overcast to get a good picture of the golden gate bridge- alas)

It was a fun and interesting tour. I did not realize that the island started out as a military fortification, then an Army prison, and then not till 1934 did the prison come under the jurisdiction of the US Department of Justice to become a federal prison. Apparently the island was also home to many families with children as well as the most hardened criminals in America. Here's a good link with some history and photos

Saturday was the wedding, and the bride was gorgeous! She got married in the Oakland temple and just glowed the entire day. I have never seen her so happy! May they have much joy together.

(Unfortunately I forgot to bring my camera to the temple- so maybe I can get some copies later...)

Here are some pictures from the reception that evening:

Me, Kim, Toni, and Beth
Hard to believe that it has been 12 years since we were all on the same dorm floor together.

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Renee said...

fun! i've never been to alcatraz, but i'd love to go!